January 1, 2015


Assalamualaikum. Hello. Konnichiwa!

Yeah, trust me. I am so wanted to write. Tapi tu la nak sangat belajar kat Jepun, hambek la kelas dari awai pagi sampai hujung petang. Hahaha it sounds kejam. But hey I'm having fun out of it.

So it is new year!  Happy New Year!  Akimashite, omedetou gozaimasu! So I'm having my one week holiday right now which I found a bit boring (so I decided to write) because I spent more time with the fish than with my siblings. Lol

With a bit of nervousness waiting for final result which destine my jodoh is with Japan or not, insya Allah kita dah usaha sehabis baik, lastly what makes us Muslim special is, we have Allah to trust, to rely which is tawakkal. InsyaAllah we can do this!

AND I'm turning twenty. No. Yes. Yes. Mom, can I start thinking of getting married now? Hahaha pls Dayah.

And there are some people who you wished you know earlier. Or, maybe I just should know them about that time? Well, point of view masing-masing kot?

Will write again soon. Mata (jumpa lagi).

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